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Happy 100th Birthday to Abe Gleiberman!

    Happy 100, Abe, it's clear,
    A bridge player we all revere.
    You've reached a grand age,
    Turned another page,
    May your cards always bring you cheer!

When you see Abe at the tables, be sure to wish him a happy 100th birthday!

2023 District Goodwill Recipients from Unit 539

Two members from the San Diego Unit are the recipients this year of District 22's annual Goodwill Award. For a complete list of past inductees, please refer to this document on the District 22 website. Congratulate them at the table; they deserve it!

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Roger Doughman 1931-2023

The San Diego bridge community lost a big hitter recently; it's Mickey Mantle, really. Roger Doughman may have resided on Friars Road, but he lived for and in, San Diego rooms featuring duplicate bridge. His was a titan to our culture, much in the way Grant Baze, Evan Bailey, and Lena Jelusich had been before their passings.

A number of fellow players have taken the time to contribute their memories.

Read the Stories...

Beginner Bridge in San Diego

ACBL Unit 539 has sponsored an initiative to introduce and teach Bridge to beginners in San Diego. As part of this initiative, Unit Board members Sam Madison and Wayne Sottosanti have started a Basic Bridge Course at North University Community Library located at 8820 Judicial Drive. The course comprises 12 two-hour lessons and is held every other Saturday. Sam and Wayne have completed three lessons already, and the course is expected to finish by the first week of December 2023.

There was a great response to the Course ad, and the class has more than 30 registered students. We hope that we will be able to add more education programs in San Diego in the near future. Moreover, we will develop plans to keep the attendees engaged in our bridge community once the course is completed.

Unit 539 raised $18,500 thanks to your contributions!

As the sun sets on The Longest Day, we can't say thank you enough for your generous support of our fundraising efforts. We are so grateful for your generous donation and support for our Bridge Pro Auction fundraiser. With your help, we raised an incredible $18,500 this year. That's $7000 over our goal of $11,000. Your donation helps advance the care, support, and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association.

We hosted our Longest Day bridge game on Sunday, June 18, at 1:00 at the Soledad Club. Extra masterpoints were awarded, and the Unit matched one dollar from each player's card fees to donate to the cause.

A lineup of local and international bridge stars in our Expert Auction features 18 experts this year! David Abelow, Kitty Cooper, Paul Darin, Ish Delmonte, Mitch Dunitz, Jason Feldman, Lynne Feldman, Wirt Gilliam, Mark Itabashi, Daniel Korbel, Sam Madison, and Rick Roeder were available again to play with the highest bidder. Davis Bennett, Vlad Isporski, John Jones, Marjorie Michelin, Claude Vogel, and Rhoda Walsh were new to this illustrious group this year. At both Unit games in June, local artists Judy Rimer and Phyllis Yates offered their beautiful creations for donation-based purchases.

Thanks to all who contributed this year!

Summer Sectional, August 11-12, 2023

Plan ahead to enjoy the joint San Diego/ La Jolla sectional this summer at the Soledad Club.

Options include:

  • Single Session Pair Games at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. Friday offers 3 games—299er, 1499er and Open. Saturday has Stratified Open Pairs.
  • Two Session Team Games on Saturday at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm. Choices include Bracketed Flight B (no player over 2000 points) or Flight A/X/Y (0 – 3000, 3000 – 5000, over 5000)

Space is limited to 40 tables, so RSVP to guarantee your place. Send an email to stating:

  • Day (Friday or Saturday)
  • Session (AM, PM or both)
  • Event (299/1499/ Open/Team)
  • Lunch (Y/N)

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San Diego Unit 539's Unit Game Results

Our unit hosts the first and third Sunday unit games at the Soledad Club, and alternate 5th Sundays. Lunch is served at 12:30, followed by bridge at 1 pm. We are thrilled to offer our 699er game, which is preceded by a mini-lesson at 12:30. If you plan on joining us at the 699er game, please contact Bridget at

Results for Sunday, December 3rd


Overall Winners


Open Pairs (Flt A)

Elaine Chan - Michael Mezin


Open Pairs (Flt B )

Ramey Farah - Celia Lee



Karen Horn - Donna Marshall


For full results click on the "Calendar and Results" item on the left menu of this page.

New Teaching Library Page

We are thrilled to announce that Maritha Pottenger's teaching articles are now available on our Unit 539 website.

Please click on the "Teaching Library" menu item or link below, to access her abundant library of teaching articles on: Defense, Declarer play, Bidding.

Maritha Pottenger has been a beloved teacher and a very successful player in the San Diego area for many years. She became a Platinum Life Master (10,000 points) last year. When asked why she teaches bridge, she responded:

I love teaching. Teaching really helped my bridge game. I had to clarify principles that were not clear when explaining them to other people; definitely a great way to improve my own bridge logic and inferences.

Bridge is the ideal game- because you can never learn it all. Each hand has something instructional to offer. Each partner offers another point of view. Psychological principles operate at the bridge table as they do throughout life. Bridge is endlessly fascinating and I adore it!

As she was retiring from teaching, she volunteered to share her teaching notes with all. You can review any of the conventions you are considering adding to your repertoire with your partner or just choose to study to improve your defense or play of the hand.

Thank you Maritha!

Teaching Library

2023 ACBL Event Schedule

Plan ahead... click on the link below to see the 2023 schedule for online Event Schedule. Please note all events tentative based upon BBO/ACBL IT capabilities and COVID-19 protocol changes

ACBL Event Schedule.

Sunday, Dec 03, 2023


San Diego Unit 539 Open Pairs - Soledad Club


San Diego Unit 539 599er Pairs - Soledad Club

Will You Play With Me?

From the musical Bridge Confidential
Book & Lyrics: Joanne Gray, Music: Peter Mansfield

Online Directory Drive

One thing we are certain of is that everybody likes a complete phone and email directory. Our goal is to have one San Diego directory shared by the five units in San Diego County. It is online, since a paper directory is not cost effective unfortunately. With your help, we can get there. Again, we can't publish your contact details without your written approval, so just send an email to contact one of your Board members to share any contact changes with us.

Online Directory

Get Your Results As Soon As They're Available!

Unit 539 is publishing the game results on

To make the best of BridgeResults features we recommend that you register your email address (if you have not done so already). This will allow you to receive notifications by email when the results are published, to have your name highlighted when you look at the results, and many other features.

You can also upload your photo to BridgeResults to be added to our galleries of players.

Latest News!


12-03-2023 Unit Game Hand Record (27 KB)


2023 Unit 539 Recipients of District 22 Goodwill Award (121 KB)
Congratulations to Bridget Poizner and Jane Petering


Roger Doughman Memorial Services Information (750 KB)
Miramar National Cemetery


10-15-2023 Unit Game Hand Record (27 KB)


Summer Sectional Flyer (678 KB)


The Longest Day 2023 Flyer (913 KB)

Unit 539 News by Kathy Byrne

Monthly column for the D22 Connection.

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our annual membership meeting game two weeks ago, where we saw 18.5 tables in play... [...]

Read the full column in the PDF document below.


December 2023 Column (284 KB)


November 2023 Column (62 KB)


October 2023 Column (93 KB)


August 2023 Column (140 KB)


June 2023 Column (147 KB)


May 2023 Column (69 KB)


April 2023 Column (291 KB)


March 2023 Column (69 KB)


February 2023 Column (84 KB)


January 2023 Column (68 KB)


December 2022 Column (175 KB)


November 2022 Column (110 KB)

D22 Monthly Online Magazine

ACBL District 22 presents its monthly online magazine


Click here to read the latest edition

Enjoy reading about the achievements of your fellow players, and so much more!

Looking for Partners for Unit games?

Our website has a Partnership Desk feature - Just select the Navigation Tab on the left of this page, enter your basic profile, and our partnership chair will start searching for a match! Try it, and let us know what you think!

Alternatively, if you decide last minute that you're looking for a game, just contact Lamya Agelidis, 615-887-1012, our Partnership Chair, who will be happy to get you a partner for Unit Games!

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